Wärtsilä starts first X-generation engine at ceremony in China

wartsila_bannerThe first of the new electronically controlled Wärtsilä X35 low-speed engines has been successfully started. The running engine was introduced to an audience of invited guests during a ceremony this month at the Yuchai Marine Power Co. Ltd (YCMP) plant in China. YCMP, a Wärtsilä licensee since October 2009, is a part of the Yuchai Machinery Group.

The Wärtsilä X35 is a completely new Wärtsilä engine that, with the Wärtsilä X40, will cover the small-bore end of the market. It is a segment where Wärtsilä has not been present for a number of years.

Wärtsilä launched its new low-speed X-generation engine series in May 2011. They were originally introduced as the Wärtsilä RT-flex35 and RT-flex40 engines, but it was decided to change the names in order to align the Wärtsilä product portfolio in a consistent way.

The series employs Wärtsilä's common-rail RT-flex technology, and incorporates additional features designed to meet the emerging needs of the shipping sector. The X series engines feature an extra long stroke that, says Wärtsilä, achieves excellent fuel economy, and the operational flexibility enabled by the technology is exceptional. Furthermore, optimum propeller requirements can be satisfied within the rating field provided.

The first Wärtsilä X35 engine was produced at YCMP's new 48,000 sq.m factory located in Zhuhai on the southern estuary of the Zhujiang Delta in Guangdong Province. The Zhujiang Delta is the third largest shipbuilding area in China, and is an area targeted by the Chinese government for further shipbuilding development.

"The production of the new Wärtsilä X35 engine at these high-quality new manufacturing facilities is indeed a landmark occasion. We believe that this series of electronically controlled low-speed, two-stroke engines is absolutely in line with the current and future needs of the marine sector. In particular it meets the requirements set by coastal and river transportation vessels. China is one of the key markets for this engine, and the fact that it is manufactured by our licensee YCMP is indicative of our commitment to further strengthening our presence in the Chinese market," says Mr Martin Wernli, President Wärtsilä Switzerland and Vice President Product Centre 2-stroke.

"The smooth assembly and running of this first of the new type engines at this brand new factory is the result of the excellent co-operation between Wärtsilä and YCMP. YCMP has secured substantial orders for this new engine type and is committed to being a dedicated manufacturer of it," says Mr Jiang Shihong, President and CEO of YCMP.

The start-up of the first Wärtsilä X35 engine at YCMP was attended by representatives from Guangdong Province, the Zhuhai city government, the General Consuls of Finland and Switzerland, senior Wärtsilä executives, and major customers in China.

During the ceremony YCMP also signed the first supply contracts for the new Wärtsilä X40 engines.

November 21, 2011

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