Anti-piracy specialist GreySide Group opens London office

GreySidemicroMaritime security, anti-piracy and risk management specialist GreySide Group has opened a European office in London, England, and has hired Michael Ferguson as the VP of Global Operations.

Founded in 2003, GreySide has a speciality in providing armed security in high-risk environments. Endorsed by a number of Lloyd's underwriters, it is the exclusive provider of maritime security services for several of the largest shipping companies in Europe.  Last month, Germany's NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG chose GreySide as its exclusive provider of armed maritime security for selected ships in its 112 vessel managed fleet. (See earlier story).

Mike Ferguson brings over 25 years of military, law enforcement, and maritime training to GreySide Group. A 21 year veteran of US Naval Special Warfare (SEALS), Mike served with both SEAL Team One and SEAL Team Eight and conducted operational deployments throughout the world. After retiring from the SEALs, Mike was active in law enforcement where he worked as counter-narcotic and SWAT officer. Mr. Ferguson was also the senior small-arms and close quarters combat instructor for the US's premier counter-narcotics and anti-piracy organization -- the US Coast Guard's Tactical Law Enforcement Team SOUTH.

GreySide says that pirates are becoming increasingly violent and are quickly adapting to the increased security in the industry. GreySide Group says it is committed to staying ahead of the pirates and notes that Mr. Ferguson  brings unparalleled maritime security expertise and experience to GreySide Group. "His addition to our team will enable GreySide to continue to provide industry leading maritime security services and provide our clients with confidence that their vessels and crews are protected," says the company.

September 13, 2011

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