FSG launches first of four Ro/Ro freight ferries

seatruckGerman shipbuilder Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) recently launched Seatruck Progress, the first of four identical Ro/Ro freight ferries ordered by Clipper Group member Seatruck Ferries Ltd.

Set for deliveries between November this year and June 2012, the four FSG-designed sister vessels are intended mainly for service in the Irish Sea. The ships are 142 m long and 25 m. Each has a freight capacity capacity of 2,166 lane m on four decks and can also carry up to 151 trailers. They will be the largest ships to operate out of the northwest English port of Heysham. It was the size of this port that limited the length of the newbuildings to 142 m, allowing for the greatest possible load and optimal maneuverability in a port with limited available space. The deckhouse is located forward to allowun hampered loading of the upper decks.

Two MAN 7L48/60CR common rail engines in each ship develop a total 8,000 kW while meeting the most rigorous emission and fuel consumption demands.That means not only emission levels, but also fuel consumption.

FSG managing director Peter Sierk says the ships will consume "up to 30 percent less fuel than conventional designs."

In developing these ships, FSG engineers had to pay particular attention to the unfavorable weather conditions in the Irish Sea.

"Designing a Ro/Ro ferry for the often difficult and rough Irish Sea means creating seakeeping characteristics which are well beyond the normal demands of that class," says Mr. Sierk, who says the ships will also exceed currently applicable stability criteria.

To provide the fastest possible loading and unloading in port, SAT lashing systems are being utilized that make manual lashing largely superfluous.

"With this ship type," says Mr. Sierk, "we are expanding our portfolio by adding smaller but otherwise extremely efficient ships. In this way we will be even more attractive to many customers on a keenly contested global market."

Current orders ensure work at the shipyard up to and into 2013. Apart from the four RoRo freight ferries for Seatruck Ferries, the yard is building another three freight ferries for Ulusoy Sealines in Turkey. Further projects, are currently in the planning stage.

August 23, 2011

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