New Ulstein company has focus on "mission equipment"

windliftermicroNorway's Ulstein Group has established a new company, Ulstein IDEA Equipment Solutions. This company will take over the activities of former IDEA Heavy Equipment b.v, a Dutch company with which Ulstein has cooperated with in recent years.

Ulstein IDEA Equipment Solutions will be engaged in the development and manufacturing of innovative mission and interface equipment on board vessels, mainly working in demanding markets such as offshore and dredging. Ulstein holds a majority interest in the new company and Ulstein Design and Solutions COO Tore Ulstein says that this is in line with Ulstein's long term strategy.


One "tomorrow solution" that the new company will be working on will be mission equipment for vessels such as the Ulstein SX 102 Windlifter.

The operational team at Ulstein IDEA Equipment will be headed by Arjan Boezeman and Gilbert Rezette, founders of the former IDEA Heavy Equipment. They will now start working on the further growth of the company together with managing director Bob Rietveldt who is leading the Heavy Offshore segment within Ulstein.

August 10, 2011

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