VIDEO: Modular dredge goes to work high in Andes

All components were of limited size for ease of transportation and assembly on site All components were of limited size for ease of transportation and assembly on site

APRIL 12, 2016 — With river-carried sand and silt depositing at the dam, reservoirs are notoriously tricky to maintain. And, as reservoirs are usually rather deep, dredging can be quite a challenge.

For the Tablachaca dam in Peru, the location high in the Andes added another complexity, transportation restrictions meant that a modular dredge had to be used.

The solution was provided by Damen Shipyards subsidiary Damen Dredging Equipment: a DOP Dredge 350L.

The various components of the modular DOP Dredge are limited in size for road transportation, with the pontoons being fabricated locally.

For the Tablachaca dam, Damen delivered a DOP dredging package for dredging at the required depth, plus the main components of the dredge. The dredging package included a DOP350L dredge pump which has a mixture pumping capacity of 2.400 cu.m/h as well as the diesel hydraulic power pack which drives the DOP submersible dredge pump, plus the hoisting winch. This winch enables the DOP submersible dredge pump to be lowered on a cable to a dredging depth of -35 m. Additionally, a jet water pump unit was delivered for supplying the DOP’s suction head with pressurized water.

Suction and discharge piping for all pumps was also supplied to allow aswift start up.

The modularly constructed dredge included a standard Damen operator cabin, an A-frame for lowering the DOP pump plus the required wires and sheaves, along with dredging instrumentation.A separate unit is located on deck housing the flow and density meter to give the operator a clear view of the dredging process.

The DOP dredge 350L was commissioned in February by Damen Field Service Engineers and is now at work

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