SeaZip takes delivery of two more from Damen

APRIL 4, 2016 — Harlingen, Netherlands, based  SeaZip Offshore Service BV has taken delivery of two more Damen Fast Crew Suppliers (FCS) 2610, bringing the total number of these vessels in its fleet to six.

Damen Shipyards Sales Manager Benelux Roel van Eijle says the April delivery suits SeaZip's needs perfectly as the two vessels can get to work straight away as this year's offshore wind O&M [operations and maintenance] period begins."

A key modification made to both vessels was to increase their draft.

"By strengthening the hull in certain areas, the vessels are able to sit 5 cm lower in the water. This will allow us to load an additional 5 tonnes of cargo – this is a 25% increase of loading capacity," says SeaZip Offshore Service Managing Director Jan Reier Arends. "We will be able to carry a lot more equipment and materials."

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