Bio-UV to use USCG-mandated BWTS tests

Skid-mounted version of Bio-Sea BWTS Skid-mounted version of Bio-Sea BWTS

APRIL 4, 2016 — French ballast water treatment system (BWTS) manufacturer Bio-UV is to demonstrate that its UV based system can meet the CMFDA ("they're dead") testing requirement of the U.S. Coast Guard as well as the MPN ("they're not really alive") standard acceptable to everyone else.

Bio-UV's Bio-Sea system has had IMO Type Approval since 2013 and is accepted as an "AMS" (alternate management system) by the Coast Guard.

As well as undergoing the MPN standard tests required for IMO Type Approval, says Bio-UV, its system has also undergone tests by Norwegian laboratory NIVA, showing that it is capable of meeting CMFDA testing standards.

Bio-UV says that, even though the MPN method is used worldwide to measure UV system efficiency, "Nevertheless and in order to meet our customers' technical and regulatory expectations, the Bio-Sea/Bio-UV company has decided, in the context of the recent debate, to show that Bio-Seas systems are compliant with any measuring methods which will be chosen by USCG."

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