Chinese yard launches two X-Bows in same week

JANUARY 12, 2016 – Ulstein reports that China's Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. launched sister vessels Go Matilda and Go Mundara on January 6 and 8, respectively.

The ships are the second and third in a series of four Ulstein PX121 design platform supply vessels under construction at the shipyard for Singapore based Otto Marine subsidiary Otto Offshore and are capable of supporting offshore activities that are being carried out further from shore and in deeper waters.

The vessels can carry flexible loads. In addition to tanks for contents such as oil, water, and drilling fluids, they have four stainless steel tanks for flammable liquids or corrosive chemicals (LFL tanks).

Certified by DNV they carry the Clean Design notation and meet Comfort Class requirements.

They can accommodate 30 persons and keep a speed of approx. 14.5 knots and are equipped with state of the art solutions for DP2 (dynamic positioning), oil recovery and fire-fighting.

With an overall length of 83.4 m and beam of 18 m, PX121 ships are categorized as medium-sized PSVs but have a cargo deck of approximately 850 sq. m and a load capacity of approx. 4,000 tonnes.

Delivering a performance normally expected from a larger PSV at a medium-sized PSV cost, with reduced emissions and fuel consumption, the shipowner benefits from a favorable combination of two market areas.

The vessels X-Bow hull line designis efficient on all drafts, a factor critical for PSVs, as they frequently operate with varying drafts. In head seas, the bow shape eliminates slamming and reduces bow impact, noise and vibration. This leads to better performance and increased operability, increased crew comfort and safety and reduced fuel consumption.

The contract with Ulstein includes the deliveries of design, engineering and main equipment. An extensive delivery from Ulstein Power & Control includes integrated control systems, bridge (radio, navigation), switchboard, diesel electric propulsion and frequency converters, and communication systems.

The vessels will be prepared for offshore crane and mezzanine deck for ROV.

Go Mundara launch PX121 700

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