Radio Holland and Bio-Sea partner on BWTS installation

Bio-Sea's Bio-UV BWTS Bio-Sea's Bio-UV BWTS

NOVEMBER 5, 2015 — Radio Holland and French ballast water treatment system (BWTS) manufacturer Bio-UV are collaborating to offer global integration solutions for ballast water treatment.

Radio Holland will provide its installation and service expertise, while Bio-UV will provides its Bio-Sea range of UV based BWT systems.

The Bio-Sea system's treatment of ballast water with UV-C light is at 254 nanometers, the optimal wavelength for UV-C light to render micro-organisms inactive, says Bio-UV's Bio-Sea business director, Xavier Duval.

"The light penetrates the core of the DNA, and subverts the metabolism of the cells," says Mr. Deval. "What is most important is that the correct UV dose is applied. Otherwise the ship will not comply with regulations, because the water is not correctly treated."

Radio Holland and Bio-UV will work closely to ensure that the BWT systems function correctly and are easily integrated into the infrastructure of each type of vessel —newbuild, as well as retrofit. The projects are carried out by in-house specialists, from 3-D scanning, reverse/forward engineering to installation and commissioning. The global Radio Holland network provides optimal service and maintenance.

Michiel Veen (Managing Director of Venteville, part of Radio Holland), says: "These ballast water solutions are available in skid form, but are also modular for integration in existing engine rooms. Besides our existing disinfection solutions based on chloride, these UV-C light systems complete the Radio Holland portfolio. This enables us to provide a cost effective solution for every vessel with a ballast water system. Something we realize is very important because of the extra costs that the new legislation entails."

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