PODCAST: Why LNG-as-fuel is making waves

In Marine Log’s latest Listen Up! podcast, Tim Hermann, President of Pivotal LNG, and Tim Casey, President and CEO of Polaris New Energy, talk about why so many vessel operators are switching

Alfa Laval’s Shinya Tanehashi talks about bilge water treatment solutions

In Marine Log’s latest Listen Up! podcast, we talk to Shinya Tanehashi, global sales manager-high speed separators for environmental application and engine power at Alfa Laval. In this exclusive interview, Tanehashi answers

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NETSCo’s Jan Flores discusses challenges for BWMS retrofits and more

In Marine Log’s latest Listen Up! podcast, we sit in with Jan Flores, vice president of NETSCo Inc., to learn more about ballast water management system retrofitting ahead of IMO BWMS and

Choice Ballast Solutions’ John Dooley Digs in Deeper on BWMS and Regulatory Requirements

John P. Dooley is the president and co-founder of Choice Ballast Solutions. The company supports all phases of ballast water management planning and retrofitting and delivers effective installation and compliance project oversite.

LR’s Elisa Cassi: Assessing maritime cyber security threats

DECEMBER 28, 2018 — Over the last few years, the marine industry has begun to embrace increased digitalization and automation to improve the efficiency of its operations through improved communication, information exchange,

Fueltrax CEO Anthony George discusses fuel consumption optimization, efficiency

DECEMBER 14, 2018 — Now more than ever, vessel operators and charterers are leveraging smart technology and data analytics to reveal operational efficiencies, comply with environmental regulations, and better their bottom lines.

Total Lubmarine supporting shipowners with IMO 2020

OCTOBER 31, 2018 — Investment decisions will loom large over shipowners over the next 14 months or so as they scramble to comply with the IMO 2020 Sulfur Cap, which comes into

ABS Executive Kirsi Tikka discusses IMO 2020 Sulfur Cap

OCTOBER 30, 2018 — For shipowners, the clock is ticking on one of the shipping industry’s most significant air emission regulations. The IMO 2020 Global Sulfur Cap, due to take effect January 1,