Sedentary lifestyles can lead to health issues

Maritime Wellness: The cost of a sedentary lifestyle

By Emily Reiblein, Director HSSE – Crowley Logistics The American population is generally challenged when it comes to getting enough exercise. The U.S. government has recommendations on time and type of activity

Magnesium is more important than you may realize

Maritime Wellness: The untold tale of magnesium

By Emily Reiblein, Director HSSE – Crowley Logistics There are some vitamins and minerals so important to the human body that without their consumption over time, the body crashes and burns. Lesser

maritime wellness for 2022

Wellness: Influencing a goal in the new year

By Emily Reiblein, Director HSSE – Crowley Logistics A new year often brings with it a resolve to exercise more, lose a bit of weight, and formulate a wiser, faster, thinner, and

Fiber and health

The fibers of life

Protein intake is commonly seen as one of the most important aspects of nutrition because it builds and operates human cells. An often-overlooked fact is that there are other important cells in

Peaceful sounds for relaxation

Sounds of peace for mental health

By Emily Reiblein, Director HSSE -Crowley Logistics As the holiday season rolls around again, the hunt for peace is on. Letters and symbols of peace appear on shop windows, hanging on street

Mental health: Green places and wild spaces

By Emily Reiblein, Crowley I have a colleague who recently admitted to feeling a loss of connection with nature. As a young man, he was a hunter and a fisherman. Today, he

Fast food and mental health for maritime

Fast food & mental health

By Emily Reiblein, Crowley Transportation workers push long hours, slipping in snacks and meals whenever an opportune moment arises. Grabbing a quick bite of fast food can seem like a good option,

Crowley Cares Foundation

Crowley Cares Foundation takes on food insecurity

By Leah Grigsby Collins, Marine Log When the Crowley Cares Foundation–the charitable and volunteerism arm of Crowley Maritime Corporation–saw food insecurity facing the military family community in Jacksonville, Fla., they decided to

Seafarer Happiness Index

Seafarer happiness back up, but risk of industry exodus rises

The crew change crisis could be followed by a crew retention crisis. Though the latest Seafarers Happiness Index report contains more evidence that significant numbers of seafarers are likely to leave the

heart health - maritime wellness

The Heart of the Matter

Heart disease is running rampant throughout the United States. While over 600,000 people die of it annually, there are millions more who live “with” heart disease. These individuals fight every day to