Tritan Software launches new onboard telehealth solution in response to COVID-19

As the cruise industry looks for new passenger and crew health safeguards to help it resume operations, Miami-headquartered Tritan Software has launched SeaConsult, a new telehealth solution that will that will allow

Foreship launches project aimed at keeping coronavirus off cruise ships

Helsinki, Finland, headquartered naval architecture and marine engineering firm Foreship has launched an initiative to limit the presence and spread of coronavirus and other pathogens on passenger ships and get the cruise

COVID-19: Paris MoU updates temporary guidance on Port State Control

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (Paris MoU) drafted temporary guidance for its member PSC authorities, recognizing the need to apply flexibility under these

IMO draws up protocols for safe crew changes

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has sent a recommended framework of protocols for ensuring safe ship crew changes and travel during the COVID-19 pandemic to all IMO member-states, the UN and other

Cyprus supports seafarers with formal crew changeover process

The Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry (SDM) has formally announced a new process to facilitate crew changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Crew changes for vessels are possible in Cyprus provided certain conditions are

COVID-19: FMC to investigate how cruise industry can resume operations

Federal Maritime Commissioner Louis E. Sola will lead a fact finding investigation and work with key industry stakeholders to identify commercial measures passenger cruise lines can adopt to mitigate COVID-19 related impacts

USCG commits to flexibility on Sub M during COVID-19 pandemic

The Coast Guard has responded to a recent request by the American Waterways Operators asking that it suspend in-person Subchapter M inspection activities for a minimum of 30 days, for the mutual

Bio-UV Group adapts BWTS technology to kill coronavirus on surfaces

France’s Bio-UV Group is planning to launch a surface disinfection system capable of killing the coronavirus by the end of May. It will use the same ultra-violet light technology used by the

USNS Comfort begins admitting patients from New Jersey

The Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) began admitting patients from hospitals in New Jersey April 17 in an effort to expand its support of COVID-19 response efforts. New Jersey state

ZF North America partners with Detroit Sewn to produce face masks

To most marine industry readers ZF is synonymous with marine transmissions, but ZF North America’s operations include automotive seat belt and airbag systems. The company develops and supplies all aspects of an