In June 1998, the owner asked RINA to class the ship which, at that time, was classed by Bureau Veritas.

Therefore, on 16 June 1998 RINA started the transfer of class procedure which was carried out in compliance with the relevant IACS Procedural Requirement.

In particular, RINA asked Bureau Veritas to provide updated information on the ship's status of surveys and conditions of class. Bureau Veritas answered with an official ship's survey status which confirmed that the ship was in class until 23 June 1998 and no structural conditions of class were outstanding.

In light of the above, RINA asked the owner to make the ship available to carry out the special survey.

The special survey was completely carried out at the Adriatic Shipyard in Bijela from 23 June to 15 August 1998. The ship was inspected either in drydock or afloat and all the IACS requirements applicable to ships subject to the Enhanced Survey Program were met.

In particular, all the cargo and ballast tanks were subject to overall and close-up surveys and pressure tested. Extensive thickness measurements were taken in order to assess the actual local and longitudinal strength.

In light of the outcome of the overall and close-up inspections, thickness measurements and pressure tests, more than 100 tonnes of steel were replaced. The structural repairs were mainly addressed to the ballast tanks. Main deck plates, longitudinal stiffeners, web frames, longitudinal and transversal bulkheads were involved in the repairs.

All the inspections were carried out by an expert exclusive surveyor who also attended the repair works and the thickness measurements taken by an approved firm.

The Certificate of Class and the statutory Certificates on behalf of the Maltese Administration were issued on 15 August 1998. IACS and Bureau Veritas were then informed about the outcome of the surveys and it was confirmed that the information received by RINA had duly been taken into account.

After the special survey, the ship was inspected by RINA six more times.

On 15 July 1999 a radio renewal survey was carried out at Siracusa.

On 16 August 1999 the commencement of annual surveys was carried out at Genova. The ballast tanks were not inspected due to Port safety rules which prevent access to tanks during cargo operations. Therefore, it was recommended that inspections be completed by the time window of the survey (November 1999).

On 6 September 1999 an additional ISM survey was carried out at Taranto.

On 6 November 1999 a load line alteration survey was carried out at Varna, since the owner requested a temporary deadweight limitation to 29,990t to comply with Port regulations on limited access.

On 22 November 1999 a pre-loading survey was carried out at Augusta to verify compliance with Port rules on stern loading arrangements.

On 24 November 1999 the completion of annual surveys was carried out at Augusta. The ballast tanks were inspected and the surveyor decided to recommend additional thickness measurements to be carried out, in order to assess the ship's condition more carefully. To this effect, a time window until January 2000 was allowed. On this occasion, the nominal deadweight (37,283t ) was restored.


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