July 9, 2004

New lube/hydraulic oil pump from Allweiler

ALLUB-RUVAllweiler AG’s introduction of the ALLUB-RUV pump series expands the company's selection of vertically immersed pumps for supplying lube oil and hydraulic oil.

The new pump combines the proven RU pump (from lift engineering) and a pump bracket with an elastic gray-cast coupling for installation of an IEC motor.

Since it is designed without a shaft seal, this pump is maintenance free and extremely durable.

The new ALLUB-RUV is for use in any industry where mineral-based and synthetic lube oil, hydraulic oil, and similar media must be moved efficiently.

This triple-spindle, self-priming screw pump is designed for vertical installation in the oil container.

Depending on the size of the pump and motor, these pumps can be used in tanks that are between 400 and 1,000 millimeters deep.

Since the pump has no shaft seal, the sealing elements do not require any costly and labor-intensive maintenance.

The main arbors are hydraulically driven. The thread flanks are virtually free of loads and are not subject to wear. The new pump set is especially durable and maintenance free.

A strainer round plate is attached directly to the rotor housing on the suction-side in order to provide protection from mechanical contamination. This is an effective way to protect the strainer round plate from damages that may occur during assembly or disassembly, for example.

An external pressure-limiting valve in the piping prevents an excessive pressure condition.

The ALLUB-RUV is suitable for operation in potentially-explosive environments and complies with the requirements of the EC explosion protection directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 100a) of the device class II, categories 2G and 3G and temperature classes T1 to T4.

The pump bracket contains motor and pump centering rings for installation on a container sole plate.

The centering rings ensure that the pump and motor shaft always align precisely, thereby eliminating the need to fine-adjust the coupling.

ALLUB-RUV is available in various sizes and with several different screw-pitch angles. This makes it possible to finely graduate the flow rate over the entire operational range. The maximum flow rate is 850 liters per hour at a maximum pressure of 16 bar; the maximum viscosity of the pumped liquid is 750 mm/sec