April 19, 2004

UltraStrip in Japan joint venture

UltraStrip Systems, Inc. ("UltraStrip") announced that it has signed a joint venture agreement with Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha, Ltd., Ihara Company, Ltd., Chiba Marine Yokohama Company, Ltd., and Kamimura International Associates, LLC.

UltraStrip Japan, Ltd. will introduce UltraStrip's patented, robotic M3500 water jetting system into the Japanese market. The M3500 is used for the surface preparation of metal surfaces, such as commercial and naval ship repair, storage, and fuel tanks. The agreement calls for UltraStrip Japan to immediately lease one automated system.

UltraStrip Systems, Inc. is a 49.9% partner in the Tokyo-based joint venture.

Stephen R. Johnson, President and CEO of UltraStrip Systems, Inc., calls it "an important agreement for UltraStrip as we look to create a global market for our unique, highly productive, environmentally friendly, patented robotic systems." He adds, "Our Japanese partners are capitalized and provide the expertise needed to capture market share in the Japanese market. We look forward to working with them."

Jiro Kamimura, President of UltraStrip Japan, commented, "We are pleased to partner with UltraStrip and look forward to introducing UltraStrip's M3500 automated system in Japan. The JV has a tremendous amount of experience in the marine and industrial markets in Japan and we believe the M3500 system will deliver the highest quality results in an environmentally sensitive manner. This unique system strengthens our environmental services platform and effectively addresses safety, health, and environmental concerns by eliminating the hazards associated with conventional grit blasting."

UltraStrip develops and manufactures robotic solutions to environmental problems in the surface preparation and coatings removal industry and has developed portable, self-contained filtration equipment for possible use in homeland security.

UltraStrip's patented robotic water jetting systems are designed to provide an environmentally safe coatings removal process in both heavy marine and above ground storage tank applications.

The robotic systems represent a significant innovation in the surface preparation of ships and other structures. UltraStrip's patented systems have been used on the USS Eisenhower, a U.S. Navy Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, the USS Cole, the U.S. Navy destroyer attacked in Yemen in October 2000, the USS Doyle, a Navy guided missile destroyer, the USS Shreveport, LPD-17, Carnival and NCL cruise ships, as well as in the Lisnave Ship Yard in Portugal.