February 18, 2004

Delta T dampers get Lloyd's Register approval

Rectangular fire damperFire dampers are a vital component of any vessel's fire protection system. Demonstrating their proven quality, Delta "T" Systems' Stainless Steel Fire Dampers have received Lloyd's Register A30 Type Approval.

Both Delta "T" Systems' circular and rectangular stainless steel dampers conform to Lloyd's Register high standards for A30 classification. The A30 Approval was issued after the dampers were tested in accordance with IMO Fire Test Procedure A.754(18).

Circular damperTo ensure containment of a fire, the dampers quickly close ventilation openings as the extinguishing agent is discharged. This concentrates the extinguishing agent and keeps additional oxygen from entering the space. Dampers may be closed by a pneumatically controlled actuator or with an electric fail-safe actuator in 24 VDC, 110 VAC or 230 VAC.

The design of the circular dampers provides for a simple, high-volume closure. The round dampers can mate to Delta "T" Systems' Marine Axial Fans as an assembly or can be installed independently within an airshaft or plenum not having a fan.

Rectangular A30 dampers are available in a wide range of dimensions. The multi-blade rectangular dampers offer a low profile where space is limited. In addition to the fire-rated, stainless steel dampers, both round and rectangular fire damper closures are available in marine grade aluminum.