January 15, 2004

Stromme launches marine compressor line

Stromme, based in Haslum, Norway, today announced the upcoming launch of its own tradename Stromme Marine Compressors (SMC)--robust units designed and manufactured to meet stringent marine market demands.

Stromme has signed an agreement with one of the world's largest, German-based compressor manufacturers and will begin marketing a full range of units under the SMC name in February this year. The compressors will be distributed through offices and agencies throughout the world including key Stromme stock points in Norway, Germany, Holland and Singapore.

Geir Andersson, Stromme's Technical Director, says the new Stromme compressor product line has been designed and developed with the latest technology, and meets the highest level of operational demands of global marine users.

"Our customers expect the highest quality and reliability from all Stromme products," he says. "We are convinced that this new brand will match their expectations." Andersson says that Stromme will market the compressors to new and existing customers including shipowners, ship managers, shipyards and other marine related business areas worldwide.

Stromme has built a reputation for providing high quality compressors and compressed air equipment to the maritime industry. This has been through official marine distribution agreements with leading manufacturers in particular market segments. Stromme says that the need for global agreements for all shipping activities--from newbuilding to retrofit-- been an objective for some years, as, until recently, efforts to supply some shipyards (and certain geographical areas) have been limited by commercial restrictions.

"Stromme has long recognized the advantages of reaching an agreement with a partner to streamline global distribution channels to reach customers involved in retrofit or newbuilding projects. With this new agreement, we are achieving this objective," says Andersson.

He says that customers familiar with other popular Stromme products, including Stromme Mari-Clean high-pressure cleaning equipment, Stromme Cargo Hold cleaning equipment and the Stromme Sedi range of deflection indicators, will appreciate the quality of the new compressors.

Stromme's total range of rotary screw compressors is from 5 - 400 kW. The standard marine compressors carried in stock will be from 14 - 85kW. All air-cooled compressors are designed for 50 degree C ambient temp, while fresh and seawater cooled machines can be designed for even higher temperatures. All compressors have a compact design and are light-weight for easy installation. The compressors are complete units with automatic control and are easy to maintain. A full range of cost-saving, variable speed compressors is available upon request.

The new compressors meet all requirements set forth by major class societies such as DNV, GL, BV Lloyds and ABS.

"We are determined to provide information to our customers and the market about our products and services," Andersson says. "And we remain committed to process any orders or enquiries as quickly as we can."

For more information contact: Geir Andersson

Email : [email protected]