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September 9, 2002

Maritime security software
SeaSecure LLC and RiskWatch, Inc.have announced a joint development project to create a comprehensive maritime risk assessment software tool for seaport and shipping security, RiskWatch SHARK.

RW-SHARK will have immediate applicability in assessing physical, personnel, and information security programs at U.S. and international seaports, as well as within the shipping industry for both carriers and cruise lines.

The standardization that RW-SHARK provides will make it possible to benchmark information about security and provide instant snapshots on how seaports are complying with current security guidelines. This standardization enables maritime facilities to conduct regular, frequent security assessments quickly and cost effectively, accounting for physical, environmental or policy driven changes that may affect risk levels.

"RiskWatch SHARK will dramatically improve the time-consuming process of manual assessments by standardizing and streamlining processes, so assessments can be easily updated to reflect changes in security conditions," claims Caroline Hamilton, president of RiskWatch. "So with more efficient assessments, organizations will be able to focus security resources on compliance and remediation, ensuring the highest level of security on an ongoing basis."

"U.S. federal agencies, port authorities and cruise lines have already expressed strong interest in the product, which combines the seaport and shipping knowledge of SeaSecure with the power of the world's leading risk assessment software, RiskWatch," says SeaSecure president and CEO Kim Petersen. "RiskWatch SHARK will offer these organizations great savings in terms of both time and manpower for seaport and maritime security assessments."

Experts in seaport and maritime assessments, the SeaSecure staff has audited over 100 ships and over 160 seaports in more than 95 countries, and provides instruction to the U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center for their Seaport Security and Anti-Terrorism Program.

In 2001, SeaSecure was selected to be the lead maritime security consultant to all of Florida's deep water ports and in 2002, SeaSecure was chosen to perform seaport and facility vulnerability and threat assessments at over a dozen seaports in the United States.

RiskWatch, Inc. has been an innovator in risk assessment software since 1993, and Hamilton has served as a charter member on many government working groups on risk assessment.

The RW-SHARK maritime security risk assessment software is scheduled for release in October 2002 and will include input from agencies involved in maritime and port security, such as the U.S. Coast Guard and the Transportation Security Administration.

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