August 8, 2003

Apex Marine opts for ABS NS software
Apex Marine Ship Management Company, LLC. of New York is the first ship operator to select the new NS 5 fleet management software developed by ABS Nautical Systems LLC (ABS NS). ABS NS software has long been recognized by industry as one of the most comprehensive suites of integrated fleet operational management programs available. NS 5 represents a new generation of software that offers enhanced flexibility, more power and even greater ease of use.

Apex Marine Ship Management Company operates eight handymax size bulk carriers in the international bulk commodity market. It has contracted for the NS 5 Maintenance & Repair Module. This module assists with recording all maintenance work performed on a vessel by the crew or outside contractors. It provides a complete planned machinery and vessel compartment maintenance history. It is also used to order services within the company.

According to ABS NS Regional Business Development Manager Joe Woods, this contract from Apex Marine Ship Management marks a significant milestone in the evolution of ABS NS.

"We have several existing clients who have recognized the business value of upgrading to the new NS 5 product line," says Woods. "Apex is the first new client to specify the latest and most advanced product we have brought to market. NS 5 represents a melding of years of experience with a substantial investment in product development with the sole intent of helping clients manage their fleets more efficiently and more cost effectively."

John Swift, President, Apex Marine Ship Management Company, LLC., says "After looking at and comparing ABS Nautical Systems to other programs, what sold us was the evolution of the Nautical Systems products and the opportunity to be in on the ground floor of the new product development. We will utilize NS 5 Maintenance & Repair for all maintenance related activities for our entire fleet."

ABS NS is one of the leaders of fleet management software packages for the marine and offshore industries. It offers a fully integrated, modular approach to managing all the principal operational expenses associated with a vessel or offshore rig, ranging from crew payroll to purchasing, to maintenance and repair. ABS NS's systems are currently installed aboard several thousand vessels ranging from tug boats to VLCC's.