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July 25, 2003


New Video-based program offers Port Security Training
"Maritime Security: Keeping Ports Safe," a training program produced by Emergency Film Group of Edgartown, Mass, addresses the major security issues faced daily by shipside and shoreside port workers and outlines common-sense policies that can be used every day by security and non-security employees alike.

"Maritime Security: Keeping Ports Safe" addresses awareness, prevention and response levels of security training. Topics include detecting suspicious activity, basic security procedures, and appropriate response to criminal activity.

Accompanying the video/DVD is a Model Procedures Guide that addresses security assessments and outlines security procedures for facilities and vessels to follow during the three MARSEC threat levels.

The program was filmed at the Ports of Houston and Galveston with the assistance of the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Customs Services, Clean Channels, the Houston Fire Department and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Technical advisors for the program include Capt. Frank Whipple of Hudson Maritime Security Services, recently retired as head of the US Coast Guard's Pacific Region Headquarters Marine Safety Division; Capt. Allan Breese of Hudson Maritime Security Services, who was instrumental in the development of the Model Port for Maritime Security and the methodology for conducting port security surveys for the U.S. Government; Robert Baron of the Steamship Trade Association; CDR. Michael Drieu of the US Coast Guard, who has served in the Coast Guard's marine safety program since 1986 and has been assigned to four different Marine Safety Offices; Capt. Mike Hildebrand of Hildebrand & Noll Associates, formerly Director of Safety and Fire Protection for the American Petroleum Institute and a member of the NFPA Standards Council; and LT Joe Leonard, Chief of the Planning Department for the Coast Guard's Marine Safety Unit in Galveston, Texas and a member of the Houston LEPC.

Founded in 1986, Emergency Film Group has produced over 120 training programs for emergency responders on the topics of terrorism response, hazardous materials and security.

Recently programs on security and terrorism issues have been created for the U.S. Department of Justice, the Security Command of the Utah Olympics, and the International Association of Fire Fighters.

In addition, thousands of copies of such titles as "Terrorism: 1st Response," "Oil Spill Response," "Intermodal Containers" and "Response to Anthrax Threats" have been widely distributed throughout the country and are training hundreds of thousands of local and state emergency response personnel.

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