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May 14, 2003

crankshaft repair tool

New range of crankshaft repair tools
Goltens has announced the completion of a new range of Crankshaft Repair Tools said to be capable of slashing large crankshaft repair time by 50% and fully undertaking insitu repairs on new slow speed two stroke engines.

Produced by the Goltens R&D center in Rotterdam, the Crankshaft Repair Tools will be featured at Nor-Shipping this June to a group of selected clients, only.

Gradually improving its range of insitu tools to keep abreast the development of engine design and technology, Goltens says that its new line of Crankshaft Repair Tools represents considerable R& D investment spanning over a three-year period. The costs have been spread among the company's 13 worldwide offices.

" Goltens embarked on a major three-year R&D project with the aim of engineering state of the art tools necessary to undertake complete crankshaft repairs on the new Sulzer RTA, MAN B&W MC and MHI slow speed stroke engines," said Roel Van Etten, managing director of Goltens, Rotterdam and vice-president, Goltens R&D.

"The completion of this R&D program and a new line of Crankshaft Repair Tools is a major step for Goltens, cementing the company's leading position within state of the art crankshaft machining technology."

Goltens hand picked the most experienced machinists in its worldwide group, and further intensified its work with three designers and one machinist working full time on the new tools throughout 2002 and into 2003.

"The R&D investment has gone according to schedule. Tools ranging from MAN B& W 26 MC to the large MAN B&W 98MC and Sulzer RTA 96 are under production, and the first set will be ready for use as of June 2003," said Van Etten.

Goltens says that a major focus of the company is the design of tools capable of minimizing repair time.

"With the tight trade of vessels and high freight rates, repair time is a major factor for shipowners," says Van Etten. Today, many repair companies struggle with an inefficient -- and therefore costly -- repair processes due to redundancy, complexity and isolation. Goltens new Crankshaft Repair Tool removes these concerns with:

  • Less redundancy -- only one tool is needed for grinding, milling or turning.
  • Simpler repair management – depending on the engine type and the extent of damage, Goltens can choose the best possible method for repair.
  • Less repair time – fully tested, the new generation tools reduce the repair time for a large crankshaft with more than 50%.
  • Faster productivity -- new tools can machine the whole surface of a large crankpin in one cut, thus drastically reducing the set up time and minimizing the possibility of misalignment of the pin when having to set up tools two or three times.

Worldwide repairs – with the new generation tools in hand, Goltens worldwide can offer shipowners, managers and OEM a service not available by any independent repair specialist at any other place in the world. "Combining its experience with state of the art tools, Goltens can offer a perfect repair within a time frame far better than in the past. Worldwide training of key personnel has already started," claims van Etten.

"There is increasing market demand for repair solutions to handle new crankshaft designs and adequately meet OEM tolerance requirements, " continues van Etten. "All the critical elements necessary to ensure the customer rapid, successful, insitu repairs, including site preparation, services, testing, and installation, are now in place."

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