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May 2, 2002


Norwegian Maritime Equipment AS, is launching a newly developed, fully enclosed lifeboat with a capacity of 102 persons, which its says is the biggest in the world. It is also offering three versions of a new, fast rescue boat.

Both the lifeboat and the rescue boat are produced by the largest lifeboat manufacturer in China, .

Norwegian Maritime Equipment, a leading supplier of new and secondhand equipment to the worldwide maritime and offshore industry, is Jiangyin Xinjiang's sole representative in Europe.

The large lifeboat has already received a warm welcome in the market, and has so far been sold to major shipping and offshore companies like Bergesen d.y., Singel Buoy Mooring, Exxon and Petrobras. The lifeboat comes in two versions, a tanker version, denominated QFN-9.35 and a dry cargo version, QFP-9.33, (the figures indicate the length of the boat).

Styrk Bekkenes, marketing manager of Norwegian Maritime Equipment AS says he has noticed a tendency among shipowners to purchase bigger lifeboats than initially required. With offshore production vessels in particular, it has become quite usual to modify and extend a vessel's production capacity, with an accompanying increase in personnel capacity. This brings a requirement to extend the safety and life-saving equipment as a consequence. Cost analyses have shown that it is more cost-effective to invest in oversized lifeboats from the very beginning, than carry out costly modifications at a later stage.

NORMAR Fast Rescue Boat
The new Fast Rescue Boat from Norwegian Maritime Equipment is marketed under the brand name NORMAR. The boat has already become very popular and is an obvious answer to the new IMO safety requirements for passenger vessels that came into effect previously this year. So far 35 boats have been delivered, and more are in the pipeline.

The Fast Rescue Boat comes in three different versions. Normar 610 can be delivered with inboard as well as outboard motor, from 60hp to 115hp. Normar 650 comes with inboard engine and waterjet. Standard engine package is Bukh+Steyr, but the boat can also be delivered with other make. Normar 750 comes with inboard engine and waterjet. This version has also Bukh+Steyr as standard propulsion, but can as well be delivered with different engine packages.