New options open up in satcoms

Inmarsat: Big new bird and flock of competitorsDial 6111, the customer support number, on your Iridium phone and you could find yourself speaking to Sam Romey, president of World Communications Center (WCC). WCC has a service level agreement with Iridium Satellite LLC and is both an Iridium Value Added Reseller and a Value Added Manufacturer. Romey is a big believer in customer service and understanding customer needs so "everyone around here" handles the support line once or twice a month.

Iridium satphoneIridium and other satellite phones have been steadily gaining in popularity among maritime users--and WCC is high among those who have been helping to make that happen.

Romey himself has a maritime background. He holds a number of marine licenses and, among other things, is a former dive boat skipper and operator. He was also part of the original Motorola Satellite Solutions Group that created Iridium--and was quick to see Iridium's marine industry potential.

Iridium Satellite LLC is the only provider of truly global satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the earth (including Polar Regions) via its constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO), cross-linked satellites and 11 in-orbit spares. The company designs, builds and sells its services, products and solutions through a worldwide network of more than 100 service providers, value-added resellers, value-added manufacturers, and value-added developers.

Think of Iridium and you probably think "satphone" and "handset." But that's just part of the picture. WCC, for example, offers a range of Iridium voice and data solutions tailored to the marine industry.

MariTrack from WCC is an end-to-end solution that meets and exceeds IMO security regulations. The one, easy-to-install unit complies with the Ship Security Alert Systems (SSAS) requirements mandated by SOLAS, regularly monitors ship's movements and allows crews to have access to the Iridium system via a crew log with all calls and Internet sessions automatically logged online via a personal pin code.

WCC offers a range of hardware to support its systems that includes such equipment as Voice and Data Centers, CommCenters, docking stations, mast antennas and the SeaWave Integrator.


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