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Marine Log

May 20, 2008

GE and C-MAR team on hybrid tug technology

GE and the C-MAR Group are teaming to promote a hybrid tugboat technology that will offer customers fuel savings along with significantly reduced emissions.

GE and the C-MAR Group unveiled their alliance today during the International Tug & Salvage Convention, in Singapore.

Under the alliance, GE will provide a packaged hybrid propulsion system that will feature its V228 or V250 medium-speed diesel engines, a generator and a new generation of batteries. GEs V228 or V250 medium-speed diesel engines range in power from 1,400 horsepower (hp)/1,004 kilowatts (kW) to 5685 continuous hp/4239 kW.

The C-MAR Group will provide the architectural design, the vessel's power and control systems, propulsors and overall project management of the boat. GE and the C-MAR Group are now in talks with a variety of potential customers, including port authorities, which are interested in this unique hybrid tug technology.

One U.S. company that is already pioneering hybrid tug technology is Foss Maritime, whose solution uses Cummins QSK 50 diesels. Foss VP Susan Hayman gave an update on the project earlier this month at Marine Log's Tug & Barge 2008 event. You can access her presentation here.

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