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May 27, 2008

Canada awards Arctic patrol craft contract

Canada is moving right along with its plan to build between six and eight ice-capable arctic offshore patrol ships (AOPS).

Earlier this month. BMT Fleet Technology Limited, Kanata, Ontario, was awarded the Definition, Engineering, Logistics and Management Support (DELMS) contract for the project.

The ships will be gun-armed, have sophisticated surveillance and communications equipment and may carry a helicopter. AOPS will be able to operate in medium first year ice and sustain operations for up to four months.

Under the DELMS contract, BMT will assist Canada's AOPS Program Management Office by exploring many technical and program issues during the Definition Phase of the project, and supporting the PMO during the implementation phase to deliver ships from 2013 to 2019.

Much of the work during the Definition Phase (2008 - 2009) will be to develop an illustrative design of the AOPS. The illustrative design will allow the PMO to refine and validate the ship specification and Statement of Work to be used to select the contractor for Project Implementation. The DELMS contract includes a defined Core Component worth approximately $4.5 million, and emergent tasks during the initial duration of four years could raise the total value to $13 million. The DELMS contract may be extended for up to an additional ten years and a total of over $18 million.

BMT has assembled a team that will see its own strengths supplemented by those of Aker Yards Marine, Inc. (AYM) of Vancouver and BAE Systems of Glasgow, Scotland has also designed and built patrol vessels, and designs and integrates combat systems for numerous ship types. Other companies within the world-wide BMT Group will provide specialist skills as required. Calian of Ottawa will provide some key resources.

Aker Yards Marine Inc. says that it will utilize its experience and expertise in the design of patrol vessels and icebreakers to support the BMT team and that it will be supported by the considerable expertise available within the Aker Yards Group in the design and construction of ice going vessels including the resources of Aker Arctic Technology Inc. (AARC) in Helsinki, Finland and Aker Yards in Langsten, Norway.

Aker Yards designed and built the Norwegian Coast Guard icebreaking offshore patrol vessel KV Svalbard which will be a valuable reference for the AOPS project.

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