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Marine Log

May 22, 2008

USCG Marine Safety plan now available for comment

The U.S. Coast Guard's Performance Plan for Marine Safety is now available on line.

Rear Admiral James Watson, Director of Prevention Policy for Marine Safety, Security and Stewardship, says "this performance plan is a living document that will undergo continuous review to illustrate the broad range of services the Coast Guard Marine Safety program provides the American public. These services directly support our national interests of ensuring a safe and efficient maritime transportation system, protecting the environment and natural resources, and preventing disruptions to commerce. This plan establishes what the Marine Safety program intends to achieve in the next five years; includes measures of effectiveness; and describes the linkages among our mission, strategic goals, objectives, and actual performance."

Admiral Watson notes "I value the input of our partners and stakeholders and encourage your thorough review of this Marine Safety Performance Plan. If you have any recommendations, please provide your comments to:[email protected]"

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