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Marine Log

May 21, 2008

Petrobras to contract 40 semis and drillships

During a meeting with the Brazilian Federal Government, Brazilian industry representatives and others, Petrobras announced its intent to contract 40 drilling ships and semi-submersible drilling platforms to operate in deep and ultra-deep waters. The plan foresees the construction and receipt of the 40 units through 2017, and priority will be given to building them in Brazil.

An invitation to tender is currently underway for the chartering of 24 vessels to support exploration and production activities. Petrobras says bidding is expected to take place for another 122 of such vessels in the next six years. The 146 support vessels will be built in Brazil.

The investments that have been envisaged meet Petrobras’ production development exploratory portfolio and are aligned with the company’s strategic planning with regards to growing oil and natural gas production.

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