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Marine Log

May 2, 2008

ASL Marine boosts Batam shipyard's repair capacity

Singapore's ASL Marine Holdings Ltd., which has shipyards in Singapore, Batam (Indonesia) and Guangdong (China), is to expand ship repair capacity and capability at its Batam shipyard.

It will be lengthening its existing 150,000 dwt graving drydock from 260 m to approximately 360 m. The extension will allow the graving dock, already one of the largest in Indonesia, to accommodate the repair of larger vessels such as Capesize bulkers, long range product tankers, container vessels, offshore construction vessels, heavy-lift ships, FSO and FPSO vessels.

ASL has also started to build two new graving docks with lengths of approximately 220 m and 180 m respectively, to cater to medium size vessels.

Both the lengthening works and the two new graving drydocks are expected to be completed in 2009.

"We are expanding our shipyard capacity and capability in anticipation of greater demand for ship repair and conversion services. The expansion will enhance our competitive edge and enable us to repair and service a wider range of vessels," commented Mr. Ang Kok Tian, Chairman and Managing Director.

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