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Marine Log

May 19, 2008

Intermarine adds eight newbuilds

Project cargo specialist Intermarine, managing agent of Industrial Maritime Carriers, says that the carrier concluded agreements for the long term charter of eight more newbuildings for heavylift cargo. The new ships are being built by ENVC (Estaleiros Navais De Viana Do Castelo) in Portugal with the first expected to deliver in the fourth Quarter of 2008.

The first four ships in the series are the "E-Class" vessels which are similar in design to the C and D vessels currently in the Intermarine fleet but with a longer LOA. This will provide a greater cargo carrying capacity at 10,000 DWT. They also feature dual 250-ton cranes combinable for 500 ton lifts. The newbuildings have been named Industrial Eagle, Industrial Echo, Industrial Edge, and Industrial Egret.

The next four ships (as yet unnamed) will be 12,000 DWT vessels with dual 400-ton cranes combinable for 800 ton lifts. These ships are schedule for deliveries starting in 2010.

Andre Grikitis, President of Intermarine, commented, "There is a demand for higher capacity cranes as the size of reactors, fractionators, and cracking towers at refineries and chemical plants has grown. These newbuildings will have a slightly greater cargo and lifting capacity than our current ships to better meet these cargo projections while retaining the shallow draft capability that allows us to service smaller ports and undeveloped areas."

Intermarine provides regular project transportation in the Americas and Asia as well as customized services worldwide. It has offices in Houston, New Orleans, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Shanghai and Mumbai.

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