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Marine Log

May 15, 2008

Hybrid harbor tug nears launch date

"You're probably asking, 'If this is such a great idea, then why hasn't someone done this already?'", said Foss Maritime VP Susan Hayman, giving delegates to Marine Log's TUG & BARGE 2008 conference an update on Foss's new hybrid harbor tug.

One answer to why hybrid technology is only now coming into the marine market could be that the hybrid tug is very sensitive to the operational load profile of the vessel. It's best suited for harbor service.

Meantime, the technology is becoming more attractive as the payback period lessens because of the rising cost of fuel.

The Foss vessel will be launched in the fall of 2008. Meantime, you can learn more about it from this Quicktime Movie of Susan Hayman's presentation slides (if you're using Internet Explorer. you may need to update your QuickTime plug in).

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