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Marine Log

May 1, 2008

Rolls-Royce wins orders for safer anchor handling equipment

Rolls-Royce has signed contracts covering delivery of safer deck operations equipment for four anchor handling vessels. The value of the contracts is about NOK 500 million ($98 million).

Two of the contracts are with Karmsund for Ezra, Singapore, and two with Aker Yards for K-Line Japan.

Ottar Antonsen, General Manager Sales, Rolls-Royce Deck Machinery Brattvaag, said: "Rolls-Royce has considered steering all operations on deck by remote control and removing the crew completely, but we decided that the human being is the greatest asset we have on deck. Our focus is to get the crew into a safe zone and ease the physical and heavy work.

"These contracts clearly show our position in the market as the dominant player in anchor handling solutions and safer deck operations. So far we have delivered over 50 Safer Deck Operations equipment packages to anchor handling vessels all over the world. Currently we have equipment in operation in the North Sea, the Mediterranean and offshore Brazil."

To assist deck work, which is often carried out in harsh weather, Rolls-Royce has developed a remote control system for ropes, wires, chains and shackles. A new and important contribution to safer operations is the ability to read the tension in the line when the chain or wire is locked in the shark jaw. Previously this could only be measured at the winch.

The delivery consists of winches, stern roller, shark jaw, towing pins, centring systems, anchor handling cranes, pennant coiler and spooling sheave.

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