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March 24, 2008

Bisso Marine beefs up fleet

Houston-headquartered Bisso Marine is beefing up its offshore construction, pipeline and salvage project with the recent addition of two vessels. It has just announced the purchase of the OSV Dino Chouest from Edison Chouest Offshore for conversion to a diving support vessel, to be named the Bisso Diver I. And it has added a 1983-built anchor handling tug with 52 tons bollard pull that is now the William Bisso--named after W. A. Bisso, V, the 4 year-old son of W. A. "Beau" Bisso, IV, the company's President and Chief Operating Officer.

The Bisso Diver 1 is 196 ft x 44 ft x 14 ft and is powered by two CAT 3516 main engines generating 4,070 HP with a cruising speed of 14 knots. The vessel is also equipped with a White Gill DP system and two 10,000 GPM fire fighting monitors.

The Bisso Marine conversion of the vessel to a diving support vesseI is expected to be completed by mid-June 2008. The vessel will be equipped with a Techcrane 60 with a 56 ft--100 ft retractable boom and a four point station keeping system from two two-drum AMCON 385 winches. In addition, the Bisso Diver I will be fitted with a permanent winch foundation that can accommodate a series of winches with up to 200,000 lb of capacity to facilitate subsea lowering or rigging via the anchor handling stern roller.

Additional modifications will include accommodations for 48, including private accommodations, office and lounge for client representatives and VIPs. The naval architecture and marine engineering firm Alan C. McClure, Associates, Inc., of Houston, Texas, has been contracted to assist Bisso Marine management in the planning and engineering of the conversion.

The ABS classed anchor handling tug William Bisso is 115 ft x 32 ft with an operational draft of 14 ft. The 52 bollard pull tug is powered by a pair of EMD 16-645 E2 main engines turning 108 inch propellers in kort nozzles through 4:1 Reintjes gears.



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