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Marine Log

Ramform Sovereign

March 17, 2008

Seismic ship to have K-Log electronic logbook

Among the advanced features of the Petroleum Geo-Service (PGS) newbuild seismic ship Ramform Sovereign, christened at Aker Yards, Langsten, Norway earlier this month, will be a Kongsberg K-Log electronic logbook.

K-Log electronic logbooks are an electronic means to record key navigation, engine watch, port calls and other operational activities onboard vessels of all sizes.

In the Ramform Sovereign application, K-Log will be integrated into a Kongsberg Seatex HMS100 Helideck Monitoring System and a third party IAS system, which, says Kongsberg, demonstrates its integration qualities and its ability to reduce the man hours spent on completing extensive logbook entries.

By integrating sensors from various critical sub-systems with K-Log, many logbook entries can be automated and sent to the shore office, which enhances an operator's ability to monitor and control its vessels, in addition to reducing the amount of time that officers have to spend on logging.

As the leader in the field of electronic logbooks, and the only company able to offer multiple flag state approvals, Kongsberg Maritime is starting to see such systems specified for newbuildings on a regular basis .

"We've been developing electronic logbooks since 2002, with the ultimate goal of replacing paper logbooks," says Stig Wahlstrøm, Product Manager for K-Log at Kongsberg Maritime. "The often conservative nature of the maritime industry has meant that the system has slowly become recognized but vessels like Ramform Sovereign and K-Log installations on six new LNG's for AP Møller and various other newbuilds shows that the idea of electronic logbooks has matured, which is validation for the amount of development and the belief that our team here has in the system."

Ramform Sovereign is a high efficiency seismic vessel, with high streamer capacity and high bollard pull. Designed for collection and processing of seismic data by up to 22 towed streamers, it has a large fuel capacity and high transit speed.

Total main propulsion effect is 13,000 kW on main propellers.


    Design: Ramform Ariel AS

    Length: 102.20 m

    Breadth: 40.00 m

    Draught: 7.39 m

    Depth: 8.50 m

    Propulsion: 2 x Wärtsilä gear/shaft/propeller lines, twin-in-single-out, each driven by 2 x 3,250 kW frequency controlled ABB el-motors, CP propellers, diameter 5.00 m, HR nozzle

    Passenger cabins: 34 single cabins and 17 double berth cabins

    Passenger capacity: 70 persons

    Gross tonnage: 15,086 t

    Deadweight: 6,763 t

    Classification: DNV + 1A1, Ice C, E0, HELDK, RP, Clean, TMON, SPS


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