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Marine Log

March 9, 2008

SeaCoaster demonstrator for sale

Got a need to move, say, a couple of Abrams tanks at speeds of up to maybe 70 miles an hour?

A high speed vessel that is recognizably the Don Burg designed SeaCoaster technology demonstrator has turned up on shipbroker Marcom's listings.

The Marcom listing describes it as "Aluminum catamaran. Never used. Designed to carry 2 Abram tanks on back deck. 2 - CAT3126 diesel for air fans."

The ship was, in fact, built in 2004 at Austal USA for American Marine Holdings, which had a contract to demonstrate its licensed technology SeaCoaster design to ONR.

The patented SeaCoaster catamaran design features cavities in the bottom of each hull into which air is blown to lift the vessel several feet in the water, reducing resistance, and thus allowing higher speeds to be obtained.

Here's what we reported back in 2004 when it was launched.


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