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R/V Walton Smith

March 4, 2008

Navsea shopping for HSV for Oman

The Naval Sea Systems Command has posted a presolicitation notice for procurement of a hydrographic survey vessel (HSV) for Oman under a Foreign Military Sales Agreement. Planned date for the RFP to be released is on or about March 21, 2008.

The RFP will include a vessel design package for an HSV 96 feet in length, with a beam of 40 feet 4 inches, a draft full load of 6 feet 2 inches, a light ship displacement of approximately 150 long tons, a full load displacement of approximately 225 long tons, made of marine grade aluminum, that will be delivered in approximately ten months.

The presolicitation notice says the U.S. Government will provide the offeror with the vessel design. This design is based on the existing University of Miami R/V Walton Smith catamaran that was constructed to ABS loadline and 46CFR Subchapter "T" requirements for a vessel under 100 gross tonnage.

According to the University of Miami, the R/V Walton Smith was designed to the school's specifications, was built in 1999 at Eastern Shipbuilding, Panama City, Fla. and was placed in service in February, 2000.


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