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Marine Log

March 3, 2008

Fairstar to transport Swan Hunter dock to India

Fairstar Heavy Transport NV has finalized a contract with India's Bharati Shipyard Ltd. in Mumbai India to transport the floating dry dock from the Swan-Hunter Facility from Newcastle-on-Tyne, U.K. to Dabhol, India.

The total contract amount is US$5.85 million and the project has an expected duration of 45 days, transiting the Suez Canal. The loading window for the cargo is in July 2008.

The voyage also effectively positions the Fairstar heavy lift ship Fjord to proceed on to Korea to pick up the Module Support Frame and Central Module for the high profile Tombua Landana field in Angola for account of Heerema Marine Contractors in August/September 2008.

Fairstar has worked a period of flexibility into the dry dock loading/un-loading arrangements in case the Monsoon season interferes with the operation.

The contract was negotiated through specialist project forwarder Vanguard Shipping Ltd of Newcastle.

Mario Kerssens, Director of Sales and Marketing for Fairstar says the Fjord is uniquely suited for this cargo. "The sandbar at the mouth of the Vashisthi River makes it impossible for any other heavy transport ship to enter the river with this 10,000 T cargo," he says.

The Fjord has a hull depth of 9 m and can perform heavy transports at a shallow draft thanks to its 45.5 m wide deck.

"Bharati Shipyard wants to avoid any long distance tow or load/discharge operations in unsheltered water with their new dock," says Kerssens. "The Fjord is able to satisfy all of these criteria. Fairstar intends to extend its strategy of working with high value and complex transport challenges where we feel Fairstar's fleet and experienced crews have a strong competitive advantage."


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