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ENSCO 8500

June 29, 2008

Naming ceremony for first ENSCO 8500 series semi

Singapore's Keppel FELS Limited and ENSCO International Inc. have named the first of six new ENSCO 8500 Series semisubmersibles worth a total US$2.5 billion.

The yard acived a safety record of 5.5 million incident-free man-hours in the construction of the premier rig.

The ENSCO 8500 has been contracted to work in the Gulf of Mexico for Anadarko and Eni.

Mr Dan Rabun, Chairman, President and CEO of ENSCO, said, "We are pleased with the excellent job by Keppel FELS on our first ENSCO 8500 Series¨ semisubmersible. As she takes on her maiden assignment in the Gulf of Mexico, the ENSCO 8500 will be a showpiece of the quality and capabilities of our new deepwater fleet under construction at Keppel FELS."

In the last decade, Keppel has worked closely with ENSCO to build up and renew its rig fleet, which includes the delivery of nine new jackup rigs.

Mr Choo Chiau Beng, Chairman and CEO of Keppel Offshore and Marine Limited, said, "The win-win partnership we have forged has played an important role in helping ENSCO to build its position among the world's foremost drilling contractors, and in establishing Keppel FELS's reputation as the world's leading rig designer and builder.

"As ENSCO pursues a prominent position in deepwater drilling, we want to be there to support our valued partner. The rich collective experience and insights we have gained on the ENSCO 8500 semi will certainly enhance the engineering and construction efficiency of the next five units to come."

The ENSCO 8500 Series of deepwater semisubmersibles is an enhanced version of the ENSCO 7500, and is based upon an ENSCO proprietary design.

The 8500 Series rigs will be capable of drilling in up to 8,500 feet of water, and can readily be upgraded to 10,000 feet water-depth capability if required.

Enhanced features include a two million pound quad derrick, offline pipe handling capability, increased drilling capacity, greater variable deck load and improved automatic station keeping ability.

With these features, the 8500 Series rigs will be especially well-suited for deepwater development drilling.

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