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June 27, 2008

North Florida Shipyards goes to court

North Florida Shipyards of Jacksonville, Fla., appears to have had a successful day in court.

According to papers filed with the Jacksonville Division of the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida, North Florida Shipyards today brought an in rem action asserting a maritime lien of $1,225,897.76 against the M/V Paladin Shadow II, being the unpaid balance of $4,764,979 of billed ship repair services.

North Florida Shipyard sough the arrest of the ship and asked that court order and adjudge that it be condemned and sold to pay the amount owed together with "prejudgement interest, costs and attorneys' fees, as well as as any other relief the Court may deem just and proper."

Documents on file show that Judge Thomas E. Morris directed the issue of a warrant of arrest and/or summons in the case and issued an order naming North Florida Shipyard as the substitute custodian of the M/V Paladin Shadow II.

So, when is the sale on the courthouse steps going to happen?

Looks like it won't.

Another filing in the case gives notice that "all parties have reached a settlement" in the matter.

North Florida Shipyards' website showcase of the yard's recent major projects, shows that its work on the vessel involved converting it from an offshore supply vessel to a "shadow" boat for Shadow Two Investments LLC. A "shadow" boat accompanies a mother yacht and provides helicopter, small boat and vehicle transportation and support services.

[In fact, shadow boats can offer amenities to rival those on the mega yachts they shadow--check out]

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