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June 4, 2008

Ice Maiden discharged in Rotterdam

Fairstar Heavy Transport NV of Rotterdam has successfully completed the transportation of the Ice Maiden from Pascagoula, Mississippi to Rotterdam.

The Ice Maiden is a former icebreaker that C&M Group of Aberdeen is converting to a DP3 flotel unit.

C&M Group has awarded U.K. based A&P Tyne a contract for the conversion and Fairstar's heavy transport ship, Fjord, had originally expected to unload Ice Maiden at Newcastle (U.K.). However, C&M Group decided last Wednesday to avoid the unfavorable weather and adverse swell that could have hampered operations in Newcastle.

The Fjord is the first of two semi-submersible barges to be converted into modern self-propelled heavy transport vessels by Fairstar. The sister vessel, Fjell, is currently completing conversion in Malta

The shift to Rotterdam was efficiently facilitated by Fairstar's operations team.

Dave Hangoor, Operations Manager, reported: "Rotterdam is our home port and we work very closely with a solid professional network here in Rotterdam. All of the necessary support services were arranged within a day and the Ice Maiden was safely discharged over the weekend."

Arriving in its home port for the first time was a special moment for the ship's Dutch crew. The Fjord's Master Jan van Dijk commented: "The Fjord and its crew have successfully put the ship through a number of important tests in the course of our maiden voyage. Our ship performed well and we are pleased to have safely completed our maiden voyage. We look forward to greeting our friends here in Rotterdam during our short stay and to serving the transport needs of Fairstar's clients."

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