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June 1, 2008

MAN Diesel makes all engines Tier II compliant

MAN Diesel is relaunching its portfolio, making all its engines compatible with the limits established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in its Tier II regulations.

The relaunch is an historic milestone for the company, and preempts the January 2011 implementation of the new IMO NOx emission limits by some time.

The new program was launched this week at Asia License Days, a meeting of MAN Diesel licensees in Okayama, Japan, that brought together top management from MAN Diesel's two- and four-stroke licensees in Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam.

Many newbuilding orders currently on the books at Asian yards are due for delivery in the wake of Tier II implementation.

"We have updated our Asian family of licensees on the latest developments with particular emphasis on environmental issues," said MAN Diesel' Executive Vice President Peter Sunn Pedersen. He said that technological challenges were discussed in detail, with the main focus on environmental challenges such as cutting emissions and the application of bio-fuels

"What we are doing," said Peter Sunn Pedersen, "is a complete optimisation of the engine-installation, whether electronically or mechanically controlled."

"It is a milestone --we have been working on this for many years," he continued. "You can divide the changes into two groups. With the electronically-controlled engines we have focused on advanced rate shaping, a unique feature of our ME system of the injection process, while on the conventional engine types we have adjusted combustion through design."

Having addressed Tier II, MAN Diesel will next turn its focus to the Tier III regulations that are due to come into force in a decade.

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