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Marine Log

July 30, 2008

Secondary oil release from Mississippi spill barge

More traffic is moving on the Mississippi River--despite a further release of oil from DM 932, the ACL barge split in two in last week's collision with a chemical tanker.

The Coast Guard says the barge shifted with dropping river levels and released additional oil. The amount is unknown but clean up personnel deployed 600 feet of boom in addition to the extensive booming all ready in place.

Under authority of the existing safety zone the Captain of the Port temporarily closed the river at Algiers Point from mile marker 93 to 95 while responders worked to contain the secondary release.

Water intakes downriver of the Crescent City Connection were closed as a safety precaution against possible spread of oil while monitoring the spill.

More than 105,000 gallons of an oil/water mix has been recovered to date.

More than 2,000 responders from four oil spill response organizations are currently deployed throughout the region affected by the spill. The responders are using three tugs, 108 work boats, six barges with two more on the way, 35 skimmers and 14 vacuum trucks on scene to clean up the spill.

Approximately 148,000 feet of boom and sorbent boom is deployed.

A plan to salvage the barge has been approved and is being implemented.

According to the latest update, 103 vessels have been decontaminated and released and operations are accelerating.

The Unified Command says it is "working diligently to ensure personal safety, to expedite pollution cleanup and to resume commercial traffic as soon as possible."

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