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Marine Log

July 29, 2008

Management changes at DeJong & Lebet

Edward Vaughn has joined Jacksonville, Fla., based naval architectural firm DeJong & Lebet Inc., as Vice President. Norman DeJong, former President of the firm. has become Naval Architect Emeritus, and Andy Lebet becomes President.

Norman DeJong founded the firm in 1968, as Norman DeJong and Associates. Andrew Lebet became a partner in 1983, when the new firm DeJong & Lebet, Inc. was formed

Mr. Vaughn has 17 years of experience in the marine industry--including 12 years as Senior Project Manager at DeJong & Lebet for 12 years. Most recently, he served as the Engineering and Estimating Manager for Seacoast Electronics, purchased last year by Radio Holland Group.

"I am glad to be back at DeJong & Lebet," Vaughn said. "There is so much potential in today's marine industry and I see many opportunities available for a dynamic firm like ours. DeJong & Lebet can provide our customers with a higher level of service on projects ranging from new designs to the modification of existing vessels."

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