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Marine Log

July 27, 2008

USCG opens two post-spill decontamination sites

The Coast Guard has now released more information on the vessel decontamination sites set up following Wednesday's oil spill that closed the Mississippi from New Orleans to the Gulf.

One decontamination site is located near Boothville, La., and the other is upriver of the Greater New Orleans Bridge.

Hull decontamination is necessary for all vessels contaminated by oil. Ships must be cleaned before being allowed to transit outside of the current safety zone. Removing oil on the hull of affected vessels will complete decontamination.

One work boat, pressure washer and crew of three will go down each side of the vessel cleaning the oil from bow to stern.

During decontamination, containment boom is placed downstream of the vessel and absorbent materials are placed inside the containment boom to collect any oil washed off the hull. No detergents or chemicals will be utilized during the decontamination process.

Five vessels were inspected at the decontamination site in Boothville Saturday. No contamination was found and the vessels were authorized to transit to the Gulf of Mexico.

To request scheduling and permission to transit to a decontamination site, contact the Unified Command’s Maritime Transportation System Recovery Unit at the following numbers:

For Brown Water Vessels contact the MTSRU at (504) 589 – 2333; for Deep Draft vessels contact (504) 589-2332.

Decontamination operations will begin no earlier than one half hour after sunrise and shall cease no later then one half hour before sunset.

Vessel crews wishing to perform independent vessel decontamination may be authorized by the Coast Guard Captain of the Port to do so. Any vessel crew wishing to self-clean should coordinate with the Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Center for a post-cleaning inspection, performed by a Federal On-Scene Coordinator Representative.

Email any waterway questions to [email protected]

To review the vessel decontamination plan click here.

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