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Normand Clipper at Detyens Shipyards

July 18, 2008

Offshore work helps keep Detyens busy

Offshore vessel activity, particularly for Norwegian owners, has recently been keeping Detyens Shipyards, Inc. busy, judging by a report in the latest newsletter from Enman Associates, Inc., which represents Detyens and other leading shipyards worldwide.

Recent visitors to the North Charleston, S.C., shipyard have included Siem Offshore's Siem Mollie, Solstad's Normand Clipper and the Veritas Viking for Eidesvik.

The Siem Mollie was docked at Detyens for less than a month for a topside repair project that included; removal of the wood deck IWO module, services for the accommodations module, main and upper deck stiffening (reinforcements and structural support) and mounting accommodation module of 40 ft wide x 40 ft long x 30 ft high, involving a 110 ton dual lift.

The Normand Clipper was at Detyens for 23 days for repairs. The 127.5 m x 27 m vessel had undergone an upgrade to the habitability air conditioning system to provide and additional 18 tons of capacity. Both 25 ton and 250 ton cranes were painted and the main cylinders were overhauled., Other work included a complete underwater hull painting, five bow thruster overhauls (each completely removed and shop overhauled) and overhauling of the diesel engines.

The Veritas Viking (93.4 m x 22.03 m) was at Detyens this spring for 5 weeks for regular routine maintenance and a complete port side engine change out. The Veritas Viking was completely repainted to a new color and Eidesvik's new logos were added. Other work included; a change out of the deck winches and deck cranes and repairs to the helo deck.

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