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July 10, 2008

Aker Yards delivers Skandi Acergy

Delivered to DOF Subsea by Aker Yards, Skandi Acergy is specially designed and equipped for subsea operation duties with a high focus on good sea-keeping abilities and excellent station keeping. It is environmental friendly with focus on low fuel consumption and measures equivalent to DNV's CLEAN DESIGN requirements are incorporated in the design.

The vessel is designed for deep water operations, with depths to more than 3,000 meters, and will now commence a 8 years chart for Acergy (hence the name). Its first job will be on the Norwegian shelf.

Skandi Acergy is equipped for DP-III (IMO) operations which means that one of the machinery compartments can be flooded or under fire without forcing the vessel out of service.

It is equipped with a large offshore crane, with 400 tons lifting capacity. The crane installations (including all three cranes,winch systems, wires and power packs) weigh more than a typical North Sea PSV .

Skandi Acergy has three moonpools, the largest is the work-moonpool in the ship's center, while two smaller ones are situated transversally, one port and one starboard, inside the ROV hangar.

The enclosed ROV hangar provides shelter for the crew operating and serving the ROV's. Operating the ROV through the moonpools, rather than overboard, greatly improves the working environment for the crew.

With a maximum speed of 18 knots, Skandi Acergy can move rapidly between areas of operations or to shoreside base if needed.

Equipped astern with two azimuth propellers and one controllable pitch propeller (frequency controlled) the vessel is designed for a variety of weather and operating conditions. This new propeller set up also reduces electrical consumption performance, as a wide array of setups are available at any time to meet the conditions encountered. Thus the vessel never consumes more power and energy than actually needed.

Forward, there are two tunnel thrusters and two retractable azimuth thrusters allowing for high performance station keeping even in rough weather.

The aft azimuth propellers may be set in a fixed heading while running on the center propeller. The center propeller with rudder then makes the vessel operate like a conventional single screw vessel, making a fair 12 knots speed.

Aker Yards says the hul design "is among the most effective ever built for a vessel of this kind." Extended sea keeping model tests (tank and ocean basin tests), showed a 30% better performance in hull resistance compared to today's average.

The 2,100 sq.m aft deck provides enough space for almost any cargo or service/repairs to be performed. Below deck, is a carousel able to carry up to 3 000 t of cable or pipes.

Skandi Acergy has accommodations for 140 persons, with cinema, library, gymnasium, game rooms as well as several rest- and dayrooms. I

The OSCV 06 L is designed by Aker Yards Project in Alesund, the hull was built at Aker Yards in Romania, and Aker Yards Soviknes was responsible for the outfitting and completion.

Aker Yards has eight vessels of the same design on the orderbook. This includes versions arranged as Well Intervention vessels and one Diving Support Vessel. They will be built at Aker Yards in Norway and Brazil.

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