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Marine Log

July 8, 2008

Aluminum Chambered Boats has new President and COO

Aluminum Chambered Boats (ACB), Inc. Bellingham, Wash., has a new President and COO: Jim Moore. ACB's former President/COO, Tim Metz, will focus his efforts on the company's newly emerging Composite Ballistic Armor System.

Jim Moore is former president of Renaissance Marine Group and Moore brings extensive knowledge and nearly 35 years of industry experience to ACB. He will oversee the company's day-to-day operations, streamline production processes, and grow sales across all three product lines: government, commercial, recreational.

"I see this as an outstanding opportunity to build a new leader in our industry," comments Moore.

"These are difficult times for many industries. However, we feel the documented fuel savings of ACB's unique vessels, along with our new Chambered Inflatable Boat (CIB) line, will allow us to expand our U.S. and foreign market share even during this industry downturn," states Larry Wieber, Founder/CEO of ACB. "Jim's proven track record will help ensure we meet our growth goals . We also feel it is very important to stay focused on the rising interests in the extremely competitive ballistics market and take advantage of the superior, light weight, patented pending armor system currently being developed and tested under Metz's leadership."

Aluminum Chambered Boats, Inc. is an aluminum boat manufacturer headquartered in Bellingham, Washington. ACB builds patented, rugged, state-of-the-art, high performance aluminum boats for government, recreational, and commercial customers on a global basis.

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