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a really good idea
an unfortunate necessity
a bad idea
a really bad idea

Marine Log

Donjon crane at work

July 7, 2008

Floating crane hoists massive bridge span

Putting its heavy-lift capability to the test, Donjon Marine Co., Inc. last month removed an old, rusted, 1,000-ton Amtrak rail bridge span located across the Thames River in New London, Connecticut.

Donjon's Chesapeake 1000, the largest floating heavy-lift crane on the U.S. East Coast, hoisted the bridge span -- in place at that location for 89 years -- from the track and transported it onboard one of its new 1,400-class deck barges (Witte 1402) back to Port Newark for dismantling and disposal. The old bridge span will be replaced with a new, 1,888-foot-long, 35-feet-wide section.

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