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Marine Log

January 31, 2008

$6 million upgrade for Harvey Gulf International OSV

Harvey Gulf International Marine, Inc., Harvey, La., is to undertake a $6 million enhancement to its 240 ft, ABS Certified DP-2, OSV Harvey Provider.

Harvey has been awarded a three year contract from ENI Petroleum under which Harvey Provider will support the drilling operations of the semi-submersible rig Transocean Amirante.

Harvey Provider will be upgraded by the addition of a reel storage system that will carry 800 metric tons of polyester rope or 90,000 ft of 3.75 inch wire rope. This will enable the Transocean Amirante to be moored in greater water depths than its conventional mooring system allows by utilizing a 12 line, preset suction pile system. ENI will thus be able to reduce the number of days it would have to spot charter hire AHTS vessels--giving it huge financial savings.

Enhancements to the Harvey Provider include the addition of:

  • Smatco 72 Winch

  • Shark Jaws

  • Open Stern with Stern Roller

  • Pop-up Pins

  • Deck Tuggers

  • 800 Metric Ton Reel System

The reel system includes:

Two (CME Model 3S446-375D4-16-00) triple drum storage reels, each drum sized for 15,000 ft of 3-3/4 inch diameter wire rope (55 inch diameter barrel, 170 inch diameter flanges, 159 inch wide). Each unit isdriven by three hydraulic motors through hydraulic disc clutches, planetary reducers and spur gear set developing 120,000 lb line pull at 60 FPM on the first layer and 47,000 lb line pull at 150 FPM on the top layer. Each drum is fitted with hydraulic caliper disc brakes rated at 120,000 lb holding, first layer. Each drum requires 220 GPM at 3350 PSID to achieve this performance. Units are designed for power-in/power-out and controlled payout operation. Solenoid operated, proportional directional control valves, counterbalance valves, brake control valves and clutch actuator valves are mounted and plumbed to hydraulic motors. Included is a rigid piping chase above motors and lifting padeyes.

Umbilical control will be provided. Includes modifications to frame and piping.

Two CME 500 HP diesel/hydraulic power units, complete with 500 HP John Deere radiator cooled diesel engine, 500 gallon fuel tank, 500 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir, two 110 GPM pressure compensated pumps, pump drive, relief valve, check valves, suction line valves, hydraulically driven air/oil cooler, return filter, pressure gauges with shut offs, air breather/filter, sight level gauge with thermometer, high temperature switch, low oil level switch (dual), reservoir heaters, kidney loop filtering circuit, control circuit, drain plug, clean-out cover, pressure and return connections. Electric motor/pump for failsafe brake control is included.

Harvey Gulf International Marine, Inc. is presently building a second reel storage system that will be utilized on its 240 ft. ABS Certified DP-2, OSV Harvey Explorer. This system will be available in September 2008.

These reel storage systems will be utilized in the mooring process of ultra deepwater semi-submersible drilling rigs by assisting with:

  • preset mooring installations;

  • adding inserts into existing mooring setouts;

  • increased savings on overall spread costs by decreasing moor-up time while assisting AHTS's by holding extra mooring wire/synthetics at the setup locations.


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