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Marine Log

January 17, 2008

Seadrill takes a stake in Scorpion

John Fredriksen's Seadrill disclosed yesterday that it had purchased 500,000 shares in Scorpion Offshore Ltd. at an average price of NOK 61.95. Following these transactions Seadrill controls 8,532,300 shares, corresponding to15.93 percent of the outstanding shares in Scorpion Offshore Ltd.

The total ownership percentage has been calculated based on an issued share capital in Scorpion Offshore Ltd of 53,549,279 shares.

Seadrill looks to have dropped its effort to acquire Aker Drilling. It announced a voluntary offer for that company back in December, but wanted a peek at its books. The Aker Drilling board wouldn't go along and the main shareholder, Aker Capital, said it wouldn't sell any of its shares at Seadrill's offer price.

Today, Seadrill announced that it had sold all its remaining shares in Aker Drilling ASA, 17,843,900, at a price of NOK 39.

Separately, Aker Capital AS announced that it had bought 6,663,800 shares in Aker Drilling ASA at a price of NOK 39 per share, taking its holding to 68,642,914 shares, which represents 73.81 percent of the issued share capital.

Aker Capital AS also holds 123.5 million NOK in the Aker Drilling convertible bond. This can be converted to 2,681,140 shares.


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