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Freight rates
Environmental regulations
Maritime security regulations

Marine Log

January 15, 2008

Rolls-Royce evaluates nickel boron coatings

Rolls-Royce is to evaluate the use of patented UltraCem nickel boron coatings on naval propulsion systems such as propellers and waterjets, under a $7 million U.S. Navy contract.

The coatings have the capability to change the hydrodynamic performance, cavitation characteristics and sea-growth fouling of propellers and waterjets.

They have been developed by UCT Coatings, Inc., Stuart, Fla., and can be applied to most metal surfaces including lighter weight metals such as aluminum and titanium.

Performance, reliability and time between repair of marine equipment can also be increased by reduced friction and wear.

UCT has granted Rolls-Royce a long-term exclusive license to use this technology for a wide range of commercial and naval marine equipment.

Andy Marsh, President of Rolls-Royce U.S. naval operations, said: "This research contract will allow us to improve many current products and develop several new product concepts. We also intend to work closely with our customers to apply this technology on non-Rolls-Royce equipment. UltraCem is a very exciting and versatile emerging marine coating technology."

Tom Dyer, President and COO of UCT Coatings, Inc. said: "The global reach of Rolls-Royce and its leadership role in the marine marketplace is a perfect match for our business strategy. We have jointly begun testing and product application development and hope to capitalize on this effort in the near term."


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